Many advertisers are willing to pay you for reading their ads and viewing their websites! For this reason there are many PTc websites that pay their members for reading ads and/or viewing websites. PTc stands for Paid To Click . After you sign up for an account in one of those websites, you will be able to click on ads at their website. Either way you must click on links, in order to get paid. Usually those links lead you to pages that have timers of 3-30 seconds. Your account is credited once the timer expires. Membership to most of those websites is FREE and it is very easy and fun for anyone to participate and make some money.
Earning per click is different In differnet website usually it depends on time you spend at their advertiser websites and potential advertisers

Join The Following best 5 Ptc Programs

Rating Ads/Day Cost/Click Priority I Have been Paid

  • Buxto (10/10) 12-15 ($0.01) Compulsory Yes
  • PowerBux (8/10) 5-10 ($0.01) Compulsory Yes
  • Adbux (6/10) 2-12 ($0.015-0.02) Alternative Converts Balance into clicks
  • LinkGrand(7/10) Atleast20 ($0.003) Alternative Converts Balanceinto clicks
  • Clixsense (6/10) 4-5 ($0.01-0.05) Alternative No